About Me

Hi, I’m Kerry but please me KVH. I’m on a journey to my life purpose. Like most of us that’s a lot easier than it sounds. I’ve been driven by money and commissions of sales and account management for the past 10 years. A decade of A.B.C (quote from glen garry glen ross – always be closing) certainly has its financial rewards, but for most its a ‘means to an end’ and my have I been waiting for the end!  That end is here. I’m now studying counselling, CBT and Mindfulness. A new direction.

32948975_10157135562831037_2125561632410042368_nIn March 2017 I was diagnosed with CFS. I now like to call it Create.Fulfilled.Soul. But that’s because the journey for me has been so enlightening.  It was this diagnosis that shifted me in this direction.

Here I am now writing fulfilling part of my soul that wants to share the journey with you. To help others. I have so much to share, so much to talk about ! So lets get going… we have so much to cover.